Meet Our Cast

Amanda Guerrero

Amanda is an actress and student at Southwestern College. She has been with Underground Improv since its inception. After learning that her contortionism skills weren’t going to be getting her any jobs that she could brag to her parents about, Amanda decided to become a theatre major since it’s common knowledge that Theatre Arts degrees bring in the big money.

John Lopez


John Lopez has been with Underground for some time now and plans to stay with them for as long as possible. He enjoys participating in any sort of performance and enjoys working with as many different people as possible. Improv performances are so random and spontaneous that it is something he looks forward to only because he knows to expect the unexpected.

Luciano Guitian


Luciano is a Mexican immigrant who migrated here from Mexico City illegally by way of the Rio Grande in the late 80s. As a young boy growing up in an urban San Diego neighborhood, Luciano managed to stay out of trouble by honing in on his fútbol (soccer) ability which quickly developed into professional grade skills. After being invited to play in the under 17 World Cup of soccer for the US, Luciano was naturalized to ensure eligibility. After gaining his US citizenship, he gave up the lavish lifestyle of a professional soccer player in order to pursue his dream of being an Improviser. P.S. He is friends with Chicharito.

Elias Baca


Elias is a class-c actor at Southwestern College. He has been in Improv for 2 years, he runs a (not-so-great) film production company called Baca Films. He hopes to make a career of it. He loves women who don’t return his calls.

Jonathan Ortiz


Jonathan Ortiz is a student of Southwestern College. His love and passion for the past 3 years has been improv. He currently is fully available for ANYTHING you want him to do (No seriously, this guy went to my nephew’s bar mitzvah and had pies thrown at his face). I’m sure you could find something to do with him.

Mitchell Horne

Mitchell Horne is a 21 year old college student. He loves to perform and just get out there, whether it is improv, plays, musicals, and yes, he even loves to sing jazz. He is proud to be one of the few white people in the group and enjoys his fancy golf playing while sipping on his fancy white wine with his pinky out while listening to his fancy classical music in the background.

Auster Cruz


Auster is a theatre major at Southwestern College with a passion for acting/writing/directing. Auster is a recent addition to Underground Improv as a stowaway, which he hopes remains a secret. He secret dream is to one day voice a Disney princess or whatever is closest, like playing Lefou or Olaf onstage. (He’s known for having delusions of grandeur.)

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